Kahvila Helsinki Keskusta

Kahvila Helsinki Keskusta was born with the philosophy of trying to bring the best things to you.

To create a delicious and special coffee that is different from other brands

Kahvila Helsinki Keskusta

Kavila helsinki keskusta
Finncafe is handmade by hand without any machine, each cup of coffee is made using a combination of different methods, such as making films and warm Moca, along with importing many types of coffees from many of the most famous coffee-producing countries like Vietnam, Brasil…

Create a cup of coffee rich in nature and quality as possible.

Normally young people or Finnish often drink coffee gently, many people love the smell of coffee but they are drunk so they cannot drink coffee,

Kahvia Helsinki is an alternative for you to fully enjoy the flavor. The delicious coffee flavor that is always creative and creative to achieve high efficiency In work or in school.

Because right from the beginning, the coffee towards you is the greenest coffee drinker, so it combines the strongness of Asian culi coffee beans and the charm of moca coffee that Europeans use every day to create a cup of delicious coffee as charming and gentle as Princess


Finncafe Roiuvuori
Finncafe Roiuvuori

On the journey to find the best coffee beans, Finncafe always focuses on four characteristics from the coffee fruit in order to respect the original for a perfect cup of coffee.The aroma is the scent of coffee beans – how much promise for many flavors.

Physical is a concept to indicate the intensity of water in coffee extract. Feel through the reviewer’s enjoyment.

Acid is the compound that makes up the sour taste of coffee.

Aftertaste is the taste of coffee left behind after enjoying.

If you want to enjoy Bubble Tea and Tiramisu or Kahvila Helsinki Keskusta, Finncafe is a great destination.

Coffee is associated with the lives of many people around the world. Especially in Finland, the country where coffee has become a culture.

Every morning everyone drinks coffee before going to work. I gave you a coffee drink.

Coffee appears on the desk, in free time, every time … However, not everyone knows what good coffee needs. And how to make a good cup of coffee.

For instance, To create a delicious brand of coffee, make sure to use pure roasted coffee, and also the best thing for people who drink coffee is to enjoy a cup of pure coffee.

Good coffee must be made from clean, quality raw materials.

Processing must be professional, proper techniques, especially meticulous in the process of roasting. This will arouse the distinct aroma of coffee.

Quality coffee is a type of coffee that must meet all 5 elements to create a special flavor. And a good cup of coffee must balance the bitterness, sweetness, acidity, depth, and aroma.

Each person will have different ways to enjoy coffee. Some people choose unadulterated pure coffee to protect health. Coffee connoisseurs choose traditional coffee, because of its rich, aromatic flavor.

Benefit from coffee beans

Caffeine content is quite high, so it helps you stay awake when working most effectively. Enhancing brain activity at full capacity.

Kahvila Helsingin keskustassa Finncafe

The pure coffee. Pure coffee beans are grown and imported directly in the garden, Therefore Finncafe only provides pure unadulterated pure coffee to ensure the health of consumers, first.

We always want to bring quality products, prestige to each coffee bean. always want to bring clean coffee to consumers, so absolutely say no to preservatives, keep the rich flavor of each coffee bean to bring an absolute safety product.

Method of mixing SERIOUS Cafe

In order to build and develop the brand, desire to bring a bold taste, maintain the high flavor of chat coffee. Finncafe not only brings traditional flavors but also can bring its own unique flavor.

Coordinated by Arabica, Robusta, Culi, and Moka coffee beans in a specific ratio to ensure that the coffee is not delicious but delicious.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, everyone needs some time to enjoy Serious Coffee. Finncafe is a memorable address for your kahvila Helsinki keskusta sightseeing boat.

We believe that every coffee product will be more and more excellent when created from the constant striving and passion.

And it is the connection based on trust, honesty and trust that will contribute to the beauty in the culture of enjoying coffee increasingly high and far reaching.

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