Welcome to Bubble Tea Menu use Natural Tea combine with fruit juice,

You would like to understand milk tea, you would like to know what the milk tea menu is, and which are the first steps to know milk tea.

If you are a fan of Bubble Tea? However, you do not know the Bubble Tea menu list,

What the menu includes or how the price is. Therefore, we will show you our menu right here.

What Bubble Tea recipe is

Firstly, soft and traditional pearl makes a unique attraction of Milk Tea.

Secondly, our team brew tea leaves carefully in pure fresh sweet milk.

After that, the topping is an auxiliary part of the Milk Tea Menu but is extremely important

Bubble tea is a cool, refreshing, sweet drink with tapioca pearls

In other words, imagine that when you drink milk tea, you are chewing the tapioca pearls in your mouth,

How do you feel it?

Therefore, typical toppings of current milk tea such as pudding, flan, jelly, Son Thuy jelly, black tapioca pearl.

In conclusion, whether you are a fan or you have never heard of bubble tea,

We are right here for you!

Bubble Tea Menu Finncafe

Amazingly, there is a hidden secret in every cup of tea that makes the difference between Bubble Tea Finncafe and others.

Similarly, the ingredients which are distilled and prepared by our team with the goal is giving the best milk tea for customers.

In addition, our team promise to offer excellent customer service and good quality products.

Bubble Tea Finncafe’s menu has separate groups

And certainly, you can choose easily, for instance: lactose-free, milkless, fresh juice smoothie, Bubble Ice Cream..etc

Above all, with the natural flavor combinations and options that we offer,

 you are sure to come back for more!

Meet us for Bubble Tea Kamppi

Our mobility cart locations below:

Bubble Tea Helsinki Finncafe is available in Kamppi, Helsinki Kamppi, Esplandi.

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