Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe that is Matcha Tea Milk Tea Café Art Tea

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe has a combination of pure matcha green tea ingredients, helping your spirit to be more refreshed and alert when used.

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe
Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe

Matcha powder has many uses such as Preventing cancer, weight loss, beauty, …

so this product is very beneficial to health. Finncafe Matcha Milk Tea has a great flavor, made from pure Matcha powder, to meet the tastes of modern consumers.

How to distinguish real and fake green tea powder

Based on the color, the scent, the fineness you can distinguish Japanese green tea powder from fake green tea powder.

Green tea powder is really light green, put near the nose to smell, you will feel the characteristic tea flavor, especially, using your hands to touch, you will feel green tea powder with high fineness.

In contrast, fake green tea powder will have a yellowish-green color, the scent of tea is unclear and often mixed with jasmine, vanilla due to the use of fragrance.

Besides the secret to distinguish real and fake Japanese green tea powder, you should choose the shops selling reputable milk tea ingredients to buy quality products.

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What is matcha latte?

Today Finncafe will share with you delicious Matcha Latte. Are you a coffee lover?

You wake up in the morning and crave the smell of coffee? But are you allergic to some flavors of pure coffee?

So, let’s create Matcha Latte with unique flavors from the land of Cherry Blossom.

Matcha Latte is a variation of Latte coffee, instead of having a background of coffee, now it is a cool green tea flavor.

Bubble tea matcha cafe is for those who love the sweet taste but can’t use coffee.

But few shops can make this dish, because creating requires Barista baristas to have a certain skill with Latte Art.

Therefore, the cost of a matcha cup outside the store is high.

The fresh taste of milk combined with the cool, light bitter aroma characteristic of Matcha Latte will give you a great experience.

Currently on the market there are many major beverage brands selling this Matcha Latte. Such as Finncafe.

Let’s enjoy this Matcha Latte with your loved❤️.

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