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Everyone has a good cup of tea in their heart, free time after the afternoon, along with … Bubble Tea Forum

Today with Bubble Tea Forum learn the origin of milk teas Milk tea is a drink originating from Taiwan, made from green or black tea, and added with milk.

Bubble Tea Forum
Bubble Tea Forum

Bubble tea: the tasty new trend in Helsinki?

Gradually this drink is popular, becoming popular and introduced into countries in Asia such as Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong.

Bubble tea has a sweet, slightly greasy taste of milk mingled with the acridness and aroma of the tea.

Most milk tea has added pearl, called pearl milk tea.

Currently in addition to black pearl, white pearl, the milk tea has also added some ingredients called topping such as pudding, jelly, …. or cream cheese.

You can learn more about the types of milk tea as well as update the latest trends from the milk tea market at Finncafe.

Young people today have more choices for refreshments, but the location of the milk tea has never been beaten.

This article will provide you with the top of the most popular milk tea shops today.

It’s time for Tea!

In the heart of every person, there is always a good cup of tea.

Bubble Tea Forum

Free time in the afternoon, along with the warm sunset, sweet smile of the lover,

Reminiscing the feeling of feeling the first taste of delicious tea and contentment.

Speechless will pass through the Finncafe cup of tea to the heart

If you are a connoisseur of milk tea, the name Finncafe does not seem strange.


Bubble Tea Forum “seduces” young people by its dynamic service style.

Bubble Tea Forum

In addition to the need to enjoy on the spot.

Bubble tea forum also serves speedy delivery in just 10 minutes, and you’ve held a delicious milk teacup in your hand.

Whether for tourists or Helsinki residents, if you have the opportunity, please try these teas once. I firmly believe that the above milk tea will conquer even the most difficult customers.

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