Bubble Tea Brown Sugar

Bubble Tea Brown Sugar As a drink that is not only perfect in taste but also nutritious from many uses for the body

Fresh Bubble Tea brown Sugar quickly leads to the trend of youth drinks, “overtaking” pearl milk tea, and being named the most in the past.

Bubble Tea Brown Sugar Finncafe
Bubble Tea Brown Sugar Finncafe

(You should not ignore Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea made with honey sugar is the very flexible, fragrant, sweet mouth.)

According to traditional medicine, black sugar (or brown sugar) is mild, sweet.

It helps to replenish blood, fight cold, nourish the body, good effect on the liver, spleen, and stomach.

Unlike refined sugar, black sugar is concentrated from sugarcane, which contains high levels of iron, vitamins B, B1, B2, calories, and calcium.

The fat-free special sugar, when combined with the natural fat of fresh milk, the crispy taste of pearls.

Will be a unique and addictive drink for many people.

This is an anesthetic drink for young people because of the sweet taste of pearl and black sugar.

Completely different from regular pearls, this combination creates a perfect deep sweetness, mingled with the crunchiness of the pearls.

which is a wonderful drink for the sun of the milk tea devotees.

So, don’t miss the chance to change your taste this summer!

2020 Summer

Things to Keep In Mind When Preparing Fresh Bubble Tea Brown Sugar

1. The black sugar in this drink has both flavor and color, making the eye-catching drink more nutritious than other sugars.

2. There are 2 types of black sugar that are most used in the preparation of this drink: Taiwan black sugar and Korean black sugar.

High-quality molasses sugar from Taiwan usually has a dark brown color, lightly sweet taste, sold at a high price.

This material is used by famous milk tea brands, so the price of drinks is high.

There is a more appropriate price of raw materials than Korean black sugar of similar quality: molasses from Korea, with light brown color with a sweet taste.

This type of sugar is best suited for use at home or small and medium business.

Avoid using black sugar of unknown origin, unlabeled, and poor quality.

3. Using fresh milk without sugar will increase the sensitivity, natural fat for drinks compared to fresh milk with sugar.

4. You can make your own pearls at home, but if you do not have much time or want the simplest,

you use pearls made available in prestigious supermarkets.

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To cook delicious pearls, pay attention to the process of boiling pearls, moderate fire, sufficient ripeness,

Pearls are not too hard, nor too soft; to ensure the crisp and chewy texture,

When combined with the sweet sweetness of the black sugar, is great.

At this point, you know how to satisfy the craving for fresh milk with black sugar pearls suddenly,

How not to “waste the youth” just to wait to buy this drink?

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