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Everyone has a good cup of tea in their heart, free time after the afternoon, along with … Bubble Tea Forum

Today with Bubble Tea Forum learn the origin of milk teas Milk tea is a drink originating from Taiwan, made from green or black tea, and added with milk.

Bubble Tea Forum
Bubble Tea Forum

Bubble tea: the tasty new trend in Helsinki?

Gradually this drink is popular, becoming popular and introduced into countries in Asia such as Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong.

Bubble tea has a sweet, slightly greasy taste of milk mingled with the acridness and aroma of the tea.

Most milk tea has added pearl, called pearl milk tea.

Currently in addition to black pearl, white pearl, the milk tea has also added some ingredients called topping such as pudding, jelly, …. or cream cheese.

You can learn more about the types of milk tea as well as update the latest trends from the milk tea market at Finncafe.

Young people today have more choices for refreshments, but the location of the milk tea has never been beaten.

This article will provide you with the top of the most popular milk tea shops today.

It’s time for Tea!

In the heart of every person, there is always a good cup of tea.

Bubble Tea Forum

Free time in the afternoon, along with the warm sunset, sweet smile of the lover,

Reminiscing the feeling of feeling the first taste of delicious tea and contentment.

Speechless will pass through the Finncafe cup of tea to the heart

If you are a connoisseur of milk tea, the name Finncafe does not seem strange.


Bubble Tea Forum “seduces” young people by its dynamic service style.

Bubble Tea Forum

In addition to the need to enjoy on the spot.

Bubble tea forum also serves speedy delivery in just 10 minutes, and you’ve held a delicious milk teacup in your hand.

Whether for tourists or Helsinki residents, if you have the opportunity, please try these teas once. I firmly believe that the above milk tea will conquer even the most difficult customers.

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Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi

From The Teeth, we create passion Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi

Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi has the essence of premium green tea buds and coffee beans and wishes to bring customers the most valuable experience when enjoying

Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi

Finncafe is constantly a pioneer brand with many innovative ideas at the forefront. in the tea and coffee industry.

We believe that every tea and coffee product will be more and more excellent when created from the constant striving and passion.

And it is the connection based on trust.

Honesty and trust will contribute to the beauty in the culture of enjoying tea and coffee increasingly high and far-reaching.

From the desire to bring fresh, tasty drinks that are prepared directly, serving customers with modern style and reasonable prices,

The first Finncafe milk tea cart was launched in Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi.

We believe that every tea and coffee product will be more and more excellent when created from the constant striving and passion.

And it is the connection based on trust, honesty and trust that contributes to the beauty

In the culture of enjoying tea and coffee increasingly high and far-reaching.

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VISION Finncafe

Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi

1. With the desire to continuously expand the market – develop sustainably,

Finncafe strives for every high value tea and coffee product in Helsinki.

2. Finncafe desires to create a brand of Tea and Coffee with class and quality shown in each product, thereby gradually asserting its position in the market.

VALUES Bubble Tea Helsinki Kamppi

1. For customers: Committed to providing quality products and the best service.

2. Creative and humane, facilitating high incomes and fair development opportunities.

3. For society: making positive contributions to community-oriented activities, showing a spirit of solidarity and love

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Bubble Tea Brown Sugar

Bubble Tea Brown Sugar As a drink that is not only perfect in taste but also nutritious from many uses for the body

Fresh Bubble Tea brown Sugar quickly leads to the trend of youth drinks, “overtaking” pearl milk tea, and being named the most in the past.

Bubble Tea Brown Sugar Finncafe
Bubble Tea Brown Sugar Finncafe

(You should not ignore Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea made with honey sugar is the very flexible, fragrant, sweet mouth.)

According to traditional medicine, black sugar (or brown sugar) is mild, sweet.

It helps to replenish blood, fight cold, nourish the body, good effect on the liver, spleen, and stomach.

Unlike refined sugar, black sugar is concentrated from sugarcane, which contains high levels of iron, vitamins B, B1, B2, calories, and calcium.

The fat-free special sugar, when combined with the natural fat of fresh milk, the crispy taste of pearls.

Will be a unique and addictive drink for many people.

This is an anesthetic drink for young people because of the sweet taste of pearl and black sugar.

Completely different from regular pearls, this combination creates a perfect deep sweetness, mingled with the crunchiness of the pearls.

which is a wonderful drink for the sun of the milk tea devotees.

So, don’t miss the chance to change your taste this summer!

2020 Summer

Things to Keep In Mind When Preparing Fresh Bubble Tea Brown Sugar

1. The black sugar in this drink has both flavor and color, making the eye-catching drink more nutritious than other sugars.

2. There are 2 types of black sugar that are most used in the preparation of this drink: Taiwan black sugar and Korean black sugar.

High-quality molasses sugar from Taiwan usually has a dark brown color, lightly sweet taste, sold at a high price.

This material is used by famous milk tea brands, so the price of drinks is high.

There is a more appropriate price of raw materials than Korean black sugar of similar quality: molasses from Korea, with light brown color with a sweet taste.

This type of sugar is best suited for use at home or small and medium business.

Avoid using black sugar of unknown origin, unlabeled, and poor quality.

3. Using fresh milk without sugar will increase the sensitivity, natural fat for drinks compared to fresh milk with sugar.

4. You can make your own pearls at home, but if you do not have much time or want the simplest,

you use pearls made available in prestigious supermarkets.

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To cook delicious pearls, pay attention to the process of boiling pearls, moderate fire, sufficient ripeness,

Pearls are not too hard, nor too soft; to ensure the crisp and chewy texture,

When combined with the sweet sweetness of the black sugar, is great.

At this point, you know how to satisfy the craving for fresh milk with black sugar pearls suddenly,

How not to “waste the youth” just to wait to buy this drink?

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Bubble Tea Original

For a long time now Bubble Tea Original is no longer a strange drink for everyone.

Especially for young people, this is a drink that can be “addictive” for the Bubble Tea Original teen community today.

Bubble Tea Finncafe
Bubble Tea Original

This is the famous brand of many milk tea shops everywhere.

An extremely delicious snack, milk tea attracts many different subjects

More and more milk tea has been created with many different types of milk tea

And with many diverse flavors but for young people who love milk tea,

Surely with the traditional way of making milk tea will be the top drink.

The aroma blends together, emit the aroma of milk and tea together, keeping each other right for the first taste, this is an art for you to enjoy.


Therefore, the fans “addicted” to milk tea have always scoured to find for themselves a cup of traditional milk tea that best suits my taste.

To have the desired milk tea, the first step of preparing ingredients is quite important, both safe and delicious,

This is the first key for your milk tea.

What is Bubble tea Original?

Milk tea with the English name is Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea

The drink that is a combination of tea and milk can add other ingredients to create flavors.

That’s why, in 1 cup of milk tea contains an average of 450 calories, equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging

It’s undeniable the appeal of milk tea, the aroma of tea, the sweetness of milk, and the toughness of pearls have fascinated so many young people.

How long does Bubble Tea Original on the refrigerator?

To ensure health, you should only store milk tea for at most 2 days and pearls for 3-4 days at most.

Therefore, it is best to prepare a sufficient amount and use up throughout the day, and your milk tea always tastes delicious.

How to preserve pearls and milk tea Seed pearl

First, you place the pearls in a sealed container with a lid. If you do not have a lid.

You can use a plastic film to cover your mouth, and then place it in the cooler of the refrigerator.

This method can preserve pearls for 3 to 4 days without fear of damage.

Milk tea First, you put the milk tea in an airtight container with a lid. If you do not have a lid,

Cover the mouth with a thin plastic film and store in the refrigerator compartment.

If your milk tea has added pearls or jelly in advance, take it all out before putting it in the fridge.

This way, your milk tea can be stored for 2 days without worrying about health effects.

Is drinking milk tea fat?

To Bubble tea Original without fear of fat,

you should choose the reputable brand of milk tea or if you make your own milk tea, reduce the amount of fat and sweetness of sugar,

it will limit the calories accumulated for fat. the body.

Moreover, you should not drink milk tea when eating too full

Because milk tea will cause disorders of protein absorption, bloating, and indigestion.

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Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe that is Matcha Tea Milk Tea Café Art Tea

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe has a combination of pure matcha green tea ingredients, helping your spirit to be more refreshed and alert when used.

Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe
Bubble Tea Matcha Cafe

Matcha powder has many uses such as Preventing cancer, weight loss, beauty, …

so this product is very beneficial to health. Finncafe Matcha Milk Tea has a great flavor, made from pure Matcha powder, to meet the tastes of modern consumers.

How to distinguish real and fake green tea powder

Based on the color, the scent, the fineness you can distinguish Japanese green tea powder from fake green tea powder.

Green tea powder is really light green, put near the nose to smell, you will feel the characteristic tea flavor, especially, using your hands to touch, you will feel green tea powder with high fineness.

In contrast, fake green tea powder will have a yellowish-green color, the scent of tea is unclear and often mixed with jasmine, vanilla due to the use of fragrance.

Besides the secret to distinguish real and fake Japanese green tea powder, you should choose the shops selling reputable milk tea ingredients to buy quality products.

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What is matcha latte?

Today Finncafe will share with you delicious Matcha Latte. Are you a coffee lover?

You wake up in the morning and crave the smell of coffee? But are you allergic to some flavors of pure coffee?

So, let’s create Matcha Latte with unique flavors from the land of Cherry Blossom.

Matcha Latte is a variation of Latte coffee, instead of having a background of coffee, now it is a cool green tea flavor.

Bubble tea matcha cafe is for those who love the sweet taste but can’t use coffee.

But few shops can make this dish, because creating requires Barista baristas to have a certain skill with Latte Art.

Therefore, the cost of a matcha cup outside the store is high.

The fresh taste of milk combined with the cool, light bitter aroma characteristic of Matcha Latte will give you a great experience.

Currently on the market there are many major beverage brands selling this Matcha Latte. Such as Finncafe.

Let’s enjoy this Matcha Latte with your loved❤️.

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Bubble Tea Recipe

Here is a simple bubble tea recipe (boba tea recipe) that shows how you can make

Finncafe will show you to add a simple Bubble Tea Recipe and delicious way to make milk tea at home, please refer to it to make it for your family to enjoy …

Bubble Tea Recipe

What is Milk Tea?

Milk tea is a drink born about 30 years ago in Taiwan.

This is a drink with a combination of two familiar ingredients: tea and milk.

Thus, the drink with the delicious taste, the acrid taste, and the slight aroma of tea blends in the sweet fat of fresh milk, easily conquering anyone.

After appearing on a Japanese TV show, milk tea quickly became known throughout Asia.

In Finland, although pearl milk tea was introduced early, it was not until 2014 that this beverage really exploded.

Over many years of development, bubble tea is always the favorite drink and has no signs of cooling down.

Besides enjoying drinks at the store, many people have found ways to make milk tea at home.

Let Finncafe make delicious and safe pearl milk tea right now!

Instructions for Making Simple Pearl Milk Tea

Aromatic And Bitter Tea Depending on your taste,

You can choose different types of tea to make milk tea such as oolong tea, lotus tea, green tea, black tea …

Each type of tea will bring separate and attractive milk tea flavors.

How to Cook Delicious Milk Tea Besides tea

Bubble Tea Recipe: Learn how to make milk tea…📺

Bubble tea recipe

For a delicious milk tea, milk tea powder plays a very important role.

You should choose milk tea powder with clear origin, high quality to ensure taste and food hygiene and safety.

You add sugar to the juice of the tea, stir until the sugar dissolves, and continue to add the milk powder.

Milk powders are hard to dissolve and clump easily, so be careful to stir until the milk powder is completely dissolved.

When stirring, it should be done in one direction to avoid breaking the texture of the material, making the drink not delicious and quickly damaged.

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Is bubble tea recipe Milk Tea Fatty?

A cup of milk tea how many calories?

On average, one cup of milk tea will contain 450 calories, equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.

So if you enjoy a lot of milk tea will easily make you gain weight.

However, there are many ways for you to drink your favorite milk tea while keeping fit: such as using low-fat, low-fat milk tea; do not drink more than 4 cups of milk tea in a week;

Combined with a diet rich in green vegetables and exercising …

The way to make pearl milk tea is very simple, so you can make your favorite drink at home with the delicious taste no less than the shop.

Let’s save the recipe and make it to enjoy every day.

If you want to find more formulas to make milk tea,

Do not miss the recent hot trend of salted cream milk tea!

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Bubble Tea Matcha

Bubble Tea Matcha with the aroma of matcha

Will surely make those who are fans of milk tea super excited.

BUBBLE TEA matcha tee

Bubble Tea Matcha FINNCAFE Latte milk tea is made from premium Japanese

Matcha ingredients, blended with a unique formula and some other high-quality ingredients such as sugar, milk, and cream, creating a rich, fatty, and bitter taste of Matcha.

Matcha Latte is easy to prepare, helping you in just a moment to have a perfect Matcha Latte cup wherever you are.

How to make Bubble tea Matcha?

Matcha powder (green tea) is a popular ingredient commonly used for cooking, or preparing popular drinks.

Now, this material is combined with milk to make matcha milk tea dish not only delicious, delicious but also nutritious.

The way to make matcha milk tea is also very simple, just with all the ingredients and formula plus a little skill, you will own a cool, refreshing quiz to enjoy.

If you are a fan of milk tea, matcha milk tea is an indispensable beverage on the menu 👉https://www.facebook.com/finncafe99/menu/

What Does Green Tea Powder Do?

Matcha green tea powder is increasingly popularly used in cooking, baking, preparation, and beauty.  Besides creating a delicious flavor for food, drinks, powder matcha also has many good uses for health.

Matcha powder contains EGCG, an antioxidant that prevents the formation and growth of cancer cells. In addition, this antioxidant helps to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the skin, leaving the skin healthy, glowing and slowing down the aging process.

Relaxing and relieving stress is one of the effects of green tea powder. In this food contains amino acid L – Theanine has the ability to help wake up and focus the spirit to work, study effectively.

In addition, matcha powder is also loved by the effect of losing weight, burning excess fat, eliminating toxins, reducing fat in the blood …

you are wondering where Bubble Tea in Helsinki is❓

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Why Bubble Tea Matcha Finncafe

The simple way of making matcha milk tea gives you a delicious and healthy drink. Whether you are the first time preparing a drink and easily succeeding with the detailed instructions of Finncafe

In particular, Matcha Latte has the effects of anti-aging, preventing cancer. You can easily drink Matcha Milk Tea in Helsinki, the delicious and nutritious drinks of Finncafe

Enjoy Matcha Finncafe Latte Milk Tea every day to feel youthful and energetic!