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Bubble Tea Helsinki Finncafe definitely make you a Happy Day 🥛 that is Yummy & THE DIFFERENCE

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Bubble Tea Helsinki Finncafe Taro


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Finncafe team has a desire to bring our customers the most interesting experience when enjoying the Bubble Tea Finncafe.

Pohjoisesplanadi, 00130 Helsinki (openning Now)
Bubble Tea Finncafe
Rautatientori ( opposite K supermarket)

Red tea has the characteristic sweetness of herbs, different from other tea leaves. Red Tea with a Special recipe,
Welcome to Finncafe!❤️❤️❤️
Finn Jäätelö

Yummy drinks in the world since 1980


Here you will find the true beauty from nature

A variety of new products to help you keep your body in good shape, Young beautiful!💃

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Bubble tea finncafe

All of us already know how healthy tea is..🤔

Natural Bubble Tea Day Is A Thing: 

Finncafe Tea take care & bring you How to feel the Natural Tea & make you enjoy a perfect glass of Tea



We serve not only a variety of options on our menu 🛒 but also the quality of every Set is NO 1.

Bubble Tea Helsinki
Bubble Tea Helsinki Finncafe

Our team has been WORKING VERY HARD to make tea, prepare unique cups of tea🌳, use Natural tea in combination with fruit 🍑.

🌿 Real Tea – real Taste

Moreover, toppings go together with the drinks are surely make satisfied feelings such as:
🌿 Tapioca pearls, rainbow jelly, grass Jelly, flan Pudding, popping fruit jelly ball, and so on..
We keep updating and adding more kinds of toppings regularly.
suomen jäätelö 
Finn Jäätelö

For now, holding a savory and soothing cup of bubble tea in your hand, sipping either the traditional flavor or breakthrough flavor then feeling the natural flavor from the tender tea leaves to have a delightful day.

Life is worth living and lets Finncafe has a chance to make your life more beautiful. Drinking with your friends or family is considered recommended for more joy and happiness. 😍💑.

This is also Matcha Tea of the store that created the famous green tea with a very special flavor.
For having a good cup of tea, the process of cooking needs to be "accurate" and "moderate temperature" ♨️💯


Bubble tea Finncafe in Helsinki is not the same as any kind of other brand milk tea!

The soul of a glass of bubble milk tea is Tea, that why we are aware of the importance of choosing the tea leaves to make sure the best quality of taste 🌿🌿🌿.

🍶 Tradition of tea with modern lifestyle by creative mixing techniques.

The finncafe team always creates a diverse menu with many kinds of bubble tea.🍹🍵🍨

👉Click here to view MENU & detail: https://www.finncafe.fi/bubble-tea-menu/

Bubble Tea Helsinki Stockman
Virtually regardless of whether buyers or tourists passing by here are stunned by the crowded rows ‘

Finncafe team studies the demand of the market carefully, we absolutely do not use a flavoring powder that has a similar Taste to natural tea leaves.

(constantly pioneering with leading creative ideas in the tea 🍃🌍)

Smoothie Finncafe  
Smoothie Finncafe

Bubble Tea in Helsinki with tapioca & popping Boba

Being different from other brands, Finncafe has a Bubble tea menu COMPLETELY NATURAL toppings which are included.

It is more of freshness than anything in Finland 🇫🇮.

You can enjoy your drinks in trust ♥️. Finncafe always stores products at appropriately cold temperatures ⛄.

Therefore, all the drinks are served with the best quality. They are all included in the price 😊.

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However, when we are busy sometimes, just leave us a message, 🇫🇮Finncafe team bubble tea city center will answer you “as soon as possible”.

Peach tea here has a strange taste, not only sweet natural peach flavor but also aromatic tea flavor.
You will find an eye-catching peach teacup with peach pieces and black pearl, Crispy Crunchy Chewing Very Perfect in your Mouth👌💯

Bubble Tea Helsinki always develop and improve products

Are you afraid of enjoying daily basic tastes of tea ☯️?

👨‍🌾 Freshly brewed tea everyday

Do not worry 😕, Finncafe is committed to update and have The Yummiest drinks “every season” because we would like you to be the coolest drinker 🏖🏝.

Above all, the world-renowned Bubble Tea is now taking over 🇫🇮Finncafe! 📈 Our extensive selection includes a variety of refreshing flavors to choose from the Menu👨‍❤️‍👨.

Kahvila Helsinki Keskusta  

Some easy ways to prepare milk tea at home

Milk tea is a great refreshing drink for hot summer days. For that reason, there is a simple way that you can both satisfy your taste and be assured of quality by making your own at home 🏠.

Immediately check the simple instructions for making milk tea below with us.

Bubble Tea Recipe: Learn how to make milk tea.📺

You will have immediately The cup of tea is as good as the store!

Ingredients for making pearl milk tea:

🍃 Tea leaf: There are many types of Tea on the market today but the most popular one is: “Matcha tea”.

Milk powder (lactofree): Milk powder is often used to make pearl milk tea because using milk powder will (retain the taste of tea), do not lose the inherent aroma as when using condensed milk or fresh milk.


How to cook tapioca pearls

Bubble Tea Orginal Finncafe
Bubble Tea Finncafe

– WHY NOT? ✨✨✨✨✨ ❤ Maybe Finncafe doesn’t need to introduce too much about this great drink … 😋🤤

Note when making pearl milk tea

Pearl should be stored at room temperature, do not keep the tapioca pearls in the refrigerator to avoid having a not good and delicious taste. They should be used within 4-5h after cooking to avoid the pearls expansion.

The methods to make these milk teas are simple, right? Just be patient, handy and a little work then you will have instant bubble tea for yourself and your family 👨‍👩‍👧.

In conclusion. After reading this tutorial on how to prepare milk tea, Finncafe wishes you make great milk teacups successfully with the instructions for preparing milk tea that we have just shared!


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